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Rain Water Can Hurt your Business

Weather is unpredictable. Especially when you can't predict the rain entering your business. Rainwater from the outside can contain contaminants that you are no... READ MORE

Protecting Your Valuables

We understand how important your valuables are. Whether that is personal value or value in the way your business operates. Extra care should always be taken int... READ MORE

Overflowing Toilets Can Cause Damage

Sewage backup leaves a mess that no home or business wants to deal with. This home in Birmingham, AL has a sewer hazard from an overflowing toilet. Water from s... READ MORE

Busted Water Damage

There is nothing worse than the sound of water that you are not running! A busted pipe can happen before you even realize it and can cause damage that you are n... READ MORE

Ready for Recon after a Fire

You are cooking dinner for the family, preparing for a night together and the last thing you might be thinking about is a kitchen fire destroying those plans! A... READ MORE

Is Your Dryer Vent Clean?

What does the inside of your dryer vents look like?!Something most of us never even think about is what our dryer vents actually look like from the inside. Thin... READ MORE

Birmingham Sewage Damage

This customer said the sewer line had backed up into home. It is one level, hardwood flooring throughout and most of the home had been affected to some degree. ... READ MORE

Roof Leak from Storm Damage

This customer had been on vacation when they came home to shingles blown off their roof from a storm causing water damage. We had to tarp the roof, do a moistur... READ MORE

Where can you find mold?

SERVPRO of Birmingham is here to handle your water damage as well as certain scenarios that arise from there, like the growth of mold. Here are a few places you... READ MORE

Microbial Growth

This hot tub had microbial growth found on the outside of it and on the sheetrock of the room where it was stored. The source was from the heater, it had been l... READ MORE