What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

I wanted to take a minute to commend you and your team for the good work you do on our campus. We work with lots of vendors and contractors every day; but, there is something that stands out about SERVPRO. First, your responsiveness to our emergency situations is fantastic. You always come right away when we call and you treat our issue with importance. We have that same relationship with many others who support our function. But, the unique thing you do is --communicate. Every night, like clockwork, I get an email from you or your team to update us on progress. You include photos, what you’ve completed, and what is yet to come. That communication provides assurance to us that our issue is being handled with professionalism. It helps us to field questions and allay fears and concerns. It is a model to be emulated. I just wanted to take a minute to write you and let you know how much we appreciate your efforts, and especially your daily updates. Keep up the good work, and thank you for all you are doing.

We would like to commend Chris for his promptness for arriving at our place of residence exactly when he said he would be here. He was very courteous and took the time to answer and address all of our concerns. He represented your company in a very professional ,respectful , and caring way. He represents SERVPRO exactly as portrayed in the commercials we have watched on television. Prompt, Courteous, Caring, and very Professional. 

Very courteous and knowledgeable. 

What wonderful job Jodi is doing! My job just took off when Jodi took charge. Jodi's outstanding personality makes her so nice to work with, I appreciate her.

Phillip and Tim were graciously complementary of our team and the quality of work we produce for them. They specifically mentioned the high level of communication, expertise and professionalism that David Hyde has shown them this year. They were very complementary of all the production crews that have worked on site for them as well. The bottom line is they use us because they trust us. -Huck

Jeff Rice was very helpful!

Mark and Chris were very kind and professional. They were always willing to explain the process and provided updates throughout the process. They were very understanding of my work schedule.

Had it not been for Rob, a whole string of things would not have happened. Mr. Logan stated that he will be sending business to SERVPRO because Rob went that extra mile and helped him when he needed it most. He was able to close on the house in the time he wanted and is very grateful for the assistance.